There was a time where I chose not to consider the effect my thoughts had on my body. If someone had suggested to me there was a connection between my thoughts and the activity of my physical body, I would have laughed at them……….not anymore! Have you ever considered why you feel sick before giving a presentation to a large group of people or perhaps how your body knows to go to the toilet constantly when you’re waiting to find out the result of an important exam? If you ever needed proof of the mind body connection………..there it is! Like it or not, your body is constantly listening to your mind and that means you have a wonderful ability to control unwanted physical effects simply by tapping into your powerful creative mind! You can control the way your body reacts to situations by controlling what is going on in your mind. What you tell yourself has a huge amount of power over your life. If you focus on anxious feelings,  even by saying ‘I don’t want to feel anxious’ it’s likely, that as well as worrying in your mind, you will notice the anxiety somewhere in your body. Note the difference in your mind and body when, instead of saying ‘I don’t want to feel anxious’, you say ‘I feel calm and relaxed’. It automatically brings to the fore feelings and images of being calm and relaxed, which will have the knock on effect of allowing your body to feel calm and function easily in a tension free environment. Does all this sound too simplistic? Of course it can take time to change habits of thinking that are producing unwanted physical reactions and Hypnotherapy can help you make those changes easily and effortlessly by re-programming your unconscious mind, the part of you that knows just what to do and just how to do it! So if you’d like to ensure your mind and body are working in harmony together contact me to find out how Hypnotherapy can help YOU!


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