Do you wonder if Hypnotherapy could help you? Perhaps taking a look at the testimonial below and others on the website, will help you to know what it can do for you.

“I was recommended to Anna by a friend. My 9 year old daughter HAD a phobia about being sick, and going upstairs alone. We attended the consultation and decided to go ahead and book in a few sessions. My daughter was slightly worried abut the experience but was soon relaxed by Anna’s relaxed, friendly and professional personality. After two sessions my daughter has made a remarkable turnaround, no longer a prisoner to her fears, or does she feel the need to ask if shes going to be sick and without hesitation goes upstairs alone.

I am completely grateful to Anna for the treatment/help she has given my daughter, to  enable her to live the normal, stress free life she deserves and enabled me as a parent to feel confident that my child has overcome her fears. Thank you soooooo much”

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