Ever wondered why we do the things we do? Well, believe it or not, behind every behaviour lies a positive intention for ourself. It might not seem obvious and the outcome may not be positive, for us or those around us, but that behaviour is looking to fulfill a need within us. Eg, for many people smoking is an unwanted unhealthy habit however it may be an opportunity to take a break in the day, an excuse to get out of the office for a while, or you may think it relaxes you. Those are all underlying positive intentions for a habit that can result in painful unwanted consequences. It makes sense that if you can remove the underlying need for a behaviour, such as smoking, or find alternative ways to fulfill that need, you can easily change your behaviour. That is exactly what Hypnotherapy is so good at doing and if you’d like to find out how it can help you, call now to arrange your free 1hr consultation.

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